helping our customers develop strategic and tactical inventory management plans


We are an international wholesale seed brokerage firm specializing in seed corn, soybeans, wheat, and sunflower seeds. We proactively balance inventories and manage risk for our customers by brokering existing inventory and arranging domestic, international, and contra-season production. In the process, we balance the needs of the buyers and sellers who come to us, and mediate transactions by handling negotiations, writing third-party contracts, scheduling samples, managing quality control, organizing shipments, and facilitating payments. We know the industry and often function as subject-matter experts and consultants, helping our customers develop strategic and tactical inventory management plans and providing them with information on trends and market conditions to make their jobs easier.


To start the process, we will add your offers and inquiries into SeedBin, our software and database. SeedBin helps us match buyers and sellers, write contracts, and manage the logistics for the brokerage transaction.

Using our extensive experience and understanding of the needs of buyers and sellers, MayerSeedLine matches buyers and sellers who share similar values. We also look at other factors such as overall price, quality, location, and value to ensure the best match. When offers are made, we will present our clients with all the information they need to make the best decision possible.

After our buyers have reviewed crop year, size, weight, price, Q.A., seed treatment, and F.O.B. location, it’s time to decide on the offers we have presented. We can help our buyers weigh their options and let our sellers know what adjustments could be made to help make their offer more attractive.

Up front, we strive to match like-minded buyers and sellers to ensure a safe negotiation environment. As fair and honest mediators, we balance the needs of both parties as we draft third-party contracts. We hold our ethical standards high, ensuring our actions are beneficial to all the parties involved.

When a final agreement is reached, we send e-mail confirmations to each party, making sure there are no surprises when the final contracts arrive. Once everything is confirmed, we deliver the third-party contracts electronically. After signing, we retain copies of the contracts in our office should any questions arise.

MayerSeedLine takes a proactive role in obtaining pre-shipment samples to ensure prompt and accurate testing. We retain a file sample in the event of a claim and arrange for the seed to be tested for the buyer and/or forwarded to the buyer. If testing at an additional lab is requested, we’ll make sure the samples are forwarded in a timely manner.

With our ability to arrange shipment, you won’t have to lift a finger. We only work with the most professional and reputable shipping companies to ensure confidentiality, quality, and on-time delivery. We’ll coordinate between all parties to reduce miscommunication.

In order to be fair to all parties, we make sure all terms are met according to the agreement. We monitor when payment is due or payable, and physically manage the transfer of funds. When all is said and done, we want the brokerage of your transaction to exceed expectations.

We are driven by the quality in which we do business and the relationships we build along the way. Those relationships help us understand who our customers are, how they like to do business, and what we can do to help them succeed. In short, we want to keep in touch, monitor the results of your transaction, and be available to help manage any difficult inventory situations that may arise.


As you’re selecting hybrids for the production season, MayerSeedLine is available and ready to provide you with any insight we might have. We will help you assess current and future supply and demand as well as the level of risk associated with producing a particular hybrid.

MayerSeedLine assists you with management of production risks and capacity issues so you can focus on your core business. With our network of reputable growers, we can arrange production in various geographic locations, ensuring a better opportunity for success. This diversity also allows us to help you manage the production of difficult hybrids and a wide range of maturities. For small orders, we will consolidate acreage to improve productivity and reduce cost. Most importantly, we match buyers and growers who share similar values to avoid any surprises.

During the production season, we support our clients so they can focus on their core business. We arrange production with quality growers and get out of their way, allowing them to produce the best seed possible. We help manage the details so you don’t have to; however we do touch base at all major benchmarks of production: planting, detasseling, and yield estimates. We keep our buyers informed and immediately alert them of major production concerns.

Contra production is a great tool that can reduce the impact of domestic production failures or help you take advantage of exciting opportunities, such as new products or technologies. MayerSeedLine arranges contra production with the most reputable companies in Chile and Argentina. Our experienced staff takes on the hassle of meeting foreign rules and regulations to ensure a smooth production and delivery.

During harvest, we forward the final yields and shake-out information to our buyers, and help strategize how to best handle their net position. If there is a high yield, MayerSeedLine will help facilitate moving the extra production on the wholesale market. And if there is a shortage, we’ll help find a replacement or alternative pedigree.

We only arrange contra production with quality growers and let them do their job – producing the best seed possible. We remain in contact with the growers at all major benchmarks in production and keep our buyers informed. If any major production problems arise, we contact them immediately.

As relationship-based brokers, we want to stay in touch with our retail customers and get updates on the status of commercial sales. Let us know what adjustments need to be made to your inventory so we can keep your net position right where it should be.

A wealth of information changes hands during this phase. MayerSeedLine ensures this exchange happens smoothly and according to the terms of the contract. We forward quality results and manage pre-shipment samples, grow-out information, and bagging reports. On the producer’s behalf, we request the buyer’s printing and packaging directions. Then we arrange shipment, using only reputable drivers and trucking companies.

During contra harvest, MayerSeedLine quickly forwards the final yield information to the buyer. Prior to harvest, we will discuss your preferences for delivery of pre-shipment samples and at your direction we will arrange testing at the lab of your choice. For final delivery of your production, you don’t have to lift a finger — we arrange shipment via ocean vessel or air freight to ensure safe arrival from a continent away.

As the seed reaches the end-user farm, MayerSeedLine is available to help manage last-minute shifts in your net position, such as replants and returns.